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Is your organization in need of unique perspectives and analytical problem-solving by a group of highly talented and intelligent individuals? 

By hosting a SMASH Rising pod, you could leverage a brilliant pool of scholar-interns for creative insight to achieve project goals. If you are interested in hosting a SMASH Rising pod and joining our network, please feel free to schedule a time to chat below. 

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From SMASH Academy to SMASH Rising

SMASH Rising is an early-stage workplace readiness program that equips SMASH alumni with the critical skills needed to design solutions for partnered companies. We place pods (teams) of SMASH alumni at workplaces to provide internship preparation and workplace exposure early in their college careers. 

This is a paid internship for SMASH Academy alumni entering their first and second years of college. Supported by dedicated SMASH hired and trained Project Managers, providing the pods with the opportunity to put the skills developed at SMASH Academy into action. Scholar-Interns develop new ideas and create innovative solutions from the challenges provided by our partners. 

A Few Examples: 

  • SMASH Rising participants prototyped a mobile application that includes a social justice dimension aimed to improve access to job opportunities and decrease unemployment during the pandemic. 
  • SMASH Rising participants designed new ways for California residents to access unemployment information amidst the pandemic. 
  • SMASH Rising participants created an app for children ages three and up to learn about money management and savings.

SMASH Rising Impact

Decades of social science research shows that students – especially underrepresented students of color – retain knowledge better when they can connect to what they learn and apply it to the world around them.

SMASH Rising participants have shown significant growth in overall self-efficacy (e.g. confidence), STEM career exploration, computational skill + critical thinking.

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