SMASH & The Metaverse

We are thrilled that this year’s SMASH Summit will be in the metaverse, held from September 24-25, 2022. The Summit will follow three career development workshops to prepare emerging leaders in STEM & beyond to reach their full potential and obtain the skills necessary to succeed in the workforce. These workshops + Summit will be open to the public. You can participate in any or all of the workshops at no cost!

Propelling the Next STEM Generation into the Future

As innovations have exploded over the last few decades, many black and brown communities have not shared in the successes of technological adoption. As we propel into the new era – a realm powered by the “metaverse,” we need to ensure people from underrepresented groups are granted an equitable platform to succeed and empower themselves. It’s imperative we act quickly and diligently to knock down systemic barriers that could hinder the progress of the next generation in the future world. 

The 2022 SMASH Summit is a uniquely profound opportunity for SMASH Alumni and beyond to engage within the metaverse while building upon their professional networks, skill sets, and talents. This two-day adventure will be a culmination of the SMASH experience to set the stage for future leaders in STEM. 

Ascend to the Summit 09.24-25.22


3 Workshop Skills to Level-Up Your Career Skills

Resume + Building Your Personal Pitch

Myrtha Ortiz Villar is a first-generation queer daughter to Mexican immigrants from Los Angeles, CA. Myrtha was raised amid the immigrant rights movement and deeply understands the power of self-advocacy. Today, she uses her background in community organizing, college advising, and working towards social and racial justice to empower individuals in their career exploration and growth.

Networking & Navigating LinkedIn

Portia Obeng is a social media strategist with over 10 years of experience in social media strategy and content management. She works to help people and organizations understand how they can use social media, not let social media use them. She encourages them to step away from continuous mindless scrolling and figure out how to use social media to enhance their work, lives, and personal brands.

Applying For Jobs + Technical Interviews

Angela is a creative problem solver who is passionate about amplifying underrepresented talent. She is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion and building internal and external talent programs. Ian worked at Apple on the Final Cut suite and later the Photos and Camera apps for the launch of the iPad. Ian is passionate about realizing the vision of the Designer, without compromise.

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