Level Playing Field Institute: Improving STEM Outcomes for Students of Color in California

This study, which was presented at the 1st Annual California Department of Education STEM Symposium in Sacramento, CA (November 18-19, 2013), described the disparities facing students of color in K-12 STEM education, examined the impact of two out-of-school STEM intervention programs for students of color, SMASH Academy and SMASH: Prep, and discussed implications for broadening participation in STEM in California. This presentation explored key components of two highly-effective STEM intervention programs for improving engagement, achievement, and persistence in STEM among students of color in California. The findings add depth to literature on best practices in STEM intervention programs for underrepresented students of color. This work has implications for programming, policy, and increasing access and opportunity in STEM. The presentation from the CA STEM 2013 conference is attached.

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