What is SMASH: Prep?

The Saturday Math and Science Honors Preparatory Program (SMASH: Prep) is a free of cost, year-round Saturday program for African American males in grades 6-8, which provides mathematics, computer science, and digital communications curriculum taught through a social justice lens.  The program prepares students with the interest, skills, and experiences necessary to pursue STEM studies in high school and beyond.

Founded in 2012,  SMASH: Prep is designed to facilitate the growth of young men who not only excel in STEM, but are also critically-aware, social-conscious, and oriented toward social justice, and equipped to employ their STEM knowledge for the betterment of their local, national, and global communities. SMASH:Prep strives to develop a STEM educational pipeline for African-American males to combat the systemic educational inequities and societal challenges faced by these students in their schools and communities. SMASH: Prep has emerged to become a feeder for the SMASH program.

SMASH: Prep scholars have a demonstrated aptitude and interest in both math and science. Its curriculum is designed for sixth through eighth graders and will increase the participants’ college and STEM aspirations.

Contact us at  info@www.smash.org

Applications for SMASH:Prep 2015-16 are currently closed.

Applying for SMASH:Prep

SMASH:Prep is no longer accepting applications for 2015-2016 school year.