SMASH Appreciates: Abby Arenberg

SMASH Appreciates: Abby Arenberg

Abby delivering pies

Abby Arenberg, a sophomore at San Domenico School in northern California, donated $4,500 to SMASH this past summer. When the pandemic interrupted her summer plans of being a camp counselor, she decided to use her newly found free time to help others through baking. 

Pies for Progress

During the summer, there are many times to gather and celebrate, Abby figured a fundraiser selling pies would be fitting. This past June, she started baking pies: key lime, apple, and chocolate pies. To promote her summer fundraising initiative, Abby created an Instagram account, Pies for Progress. Abby’s loved ones, her high school, and former theater company also helped in sales by posting on social media and using “word of mouth” marketing. With their combined effort, Abby sold 207 pies! 

Why Abby Chose SMASH

When asked why Abby chose to raise money for SMASH, she responded, “I have been fortunate to have had a great education with endless opportunities to be challenged academically. I know this is not the case for everyone my age so I wanted to support a program that helps provide an amazing education to others.”  Abby first learned about SMASH from her father, Andy. He wasn’t surprised by Abby’s “Pies for Progress” since she enjoys baking and her interest in SMASH’s work to provide educational opportunities for underserved youth.

A Single Individual Can Make an Impact

Many individuals want to make an impact and don’t think that they can make a difference. Abby Arenberg demonstrates that a sophomore who enjoys dancing, watching Grey’s Anatomy, and baking can use their interests and skills to do good. 


Thank you to Abby, her parents, family, and friends (who generously donated all of the baking supplies) and of course, to all of Abby’s customers. Together, we are opening doors, closing gaps, and SMASHing barriers! 


If a high school sophomore is able to raise funds for SMASH, so can you. If you believe in our mission and want to help, you can host your own fundraiser. If you’re interested in learning more,  please contact SMASH’s development team.

Fun Fact

Even though all of Abby’s pies are delicious, 

the fan favorite is key lime!

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